Saint Ruby Yenkala

I have noticed that there are people in this world that seem to change everyone around them. It seems like merely speaking with them, or shaking their hand, is enough to transform you. I believe that this is what Paul meant by a "fruit of the Spirit."

Saint Ruby Yenkala was not always sunshine and roses, not always happiness. Sometimes, she was frustrating and infuriating, but she changed us, and I think, she changed us for the better, and she changed us for good.

She was a white woman of Jesse Helm's generation who thought nothing of worshiping with, embracing, and helping people regardless of their color. She was a woman who should, by all rights, been sitting in the back of the church, keeping her mouth shut except to responsively pray or sing. And yet, ever since she walked in the door of Northminster, she was standing in church, telling us what was needed in the community, giving us the good news and the bad news. Ruby was Christ's eyes and ears and hands and feet, and she drew many of us closer to Christ, which means closer to those who are lost and forgotten in this world.

Miss Ruby died a little more than a week ago. She leaves a hole in the world, as all saints do when they die, an open spot where there should be someone. The announcements are too quiet now, but we know from Ruby's witness that the emptiness is not empty, the silence is not silent. As Christ said, our mourning is blessing, and we will be comforted.


AZRocky said…
I did not know Ruby....but as we share the very rare last name Yenkala, we were certainly related. How, and to what degree, I don't know. But I do know that everything I have ever seen, read or heard about her makes me wish I HAD met this kinswoman of mine. Perhaps in another life. Godspeed to her spirit and love to those close to her.

Matthew M. Yenkala
Anonymous said…
I was born RUBY and later baptized Patricia because my aunt said that Ruby was not a saint's name. Yet, all my documents still have RUBY on them. I didn't like my name at first as I was made to believe that it was a pagan name. But, as years past, and I became more mature, I found using my birth name a blessing and quite lucky.
Today, I was curious as to whether there were any saints with the name RUBY. I found this wonderful
post about "Saint Ruby Yenkala."
It was an amazing account of this holy woman's life.
I feel proud to share her name.
Benedicta R said…
I just wondering if Ruby Yenkala was established as a Saint name already? Thank you

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