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September 21: International Day of Peace

Click on the post title to go to the Peace Day Page. or click on the banner to go to Only Love Prevails. They're trying to get people to do two things:

Say the words "Only Love Prevails" whenever you sense something happening which draws you away from peace. (Actually, I'm personally OK if you pick your own phrase, like "Jesus is lord" or "God wins".)

Become aware of how much the media (news, movies, music, advertising and more) influences your attitudes and thoughts. You might also try to reduce the influence you don't want.

OK, so the site talks a lot about "positive and negative energy," and they call the two steps an "experiment". Basically, how they say it is not the way I'd choose, but what they say is neat.

Help out by praying for peace on the 21st (Friday). And if you can find a way to work for it as well, so much the better.