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Rocketboom show on Nata Village

Click the title to go to an episode of Rocketboom, an internet video broadcast (vlog, vodcast, video podcast, whatever you want to call it), about a village in Botswana and the guy who set them up with a website and blog. (You'll probably find broadband handy to see the show.)

The clinic in the town got a donation of, I think $250, and had to decide whether they wanted to buy new fans, or chairs for people to sit in. (They had no chairs.)

I don't know if the guy is Christian; I don't even know if he's religious at all. Doesn't matter. Christ works through him.

I hear so much about how the big, bad internet and independent web content is supposed to be dangerous and immoral. Thought you might like to hear what good there is out there. (Also check out One Laptop Per Child from MIT and Camara. There's tons more.)

[PS: I didn't put a link to Rocketboom's main site here because, while I regularly watch the show with my kids, it does occasionally use some vulgari…