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Being Ready

We've got another hurricane out there. Everybody's trying to get ready. Most people will never feel ready for another hurricane.

We're training one of our youth to be ordained as an elder of the church. He get ordained in a couple of weeks. He probably doesn't feel ready.

Before our kids were born, I certainly didn't feel ready to be a dad, even though I read enough books about childbirth and early childhood to get an advanced degree in the subject.

I wasn't ready to say goodbye to our college students, at least until the next time I see them again. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Dedie or Sue, even though I'm truly enjoying getting to know Keith.

The thing is, being ready is overrated. It's good to be as ready as you can, to be prepared. A lot of times, though, there just is no being ready. You try, but you get blind-sided. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.

Paul wasn't ready for Jesus when he met him on the road to Damascus. Peter wasn't ready for…