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The link above is to the letter from a Scottish soldier I read to you in class.

You are all peacemakers: You do hard things, like not hitting back when you are hit, or nor cursing back when you are cursed at. You do this from strength, not cowardice or weakness, but you will most certainly not be applauded for that strength by many, if not most, people.

Being a peacemaker does not, at first glance, help you fit in. You will stand out, and you will be called all manner of nasty names. Some will praise you, but many won't. As a youth leader, there are many who would say that I shouldn't tell you that, because "youth" are all about fitting in. If I want you to be peacemakers, they'd say, I should keep my mouth shut.

But being a youth leader, to me, is to tell you, in the best way I can, the best theology I can. And if you are going to be a servant of God, a peacemaker, then, sometimes, it's going to seem like you're all alone in the world.

But, understand that y…