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Domestic Violence

Recently, I met a woman named Mary who works with the victims of domestic violence and abuse. I told her at the time that it seemed like her work was both very hard and very valuable. I think also it's a job that doesn't get nearly enough appreciation.

After talking with her for quite a while, I told her that I'd pray for her and the children and families she works with. And I did. And it became clear to me that just saying "Dear God" and "Amen" wasn't all I should do.

So, I asked Pastor Keith if I could have a "Minute for Mission" during worship last Sunday, which turned out to be Domestic Abuse Awareness Sunday. That still doesn't seem enough, and I'm on the lookout for where Christ leads me next, but here's what I said:

This is for the men this morning. You women can listen in if you like, but this is about a mission for men.

This is also a minute for mission where I'm not going to ask you for money, or for a lot of your tim…