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Do You Want To Be Made Well?

[I preached this sermon at Nortminster Presbyterian Church in Slidell/Pearl River, Louisiana on May 1, 2016.]

Do You Want to Be Made Well?Text: John 5:1-18
No one heard his cries.
At least, that’s what he thought.
The Bible doesn’t speak his name, but we’re going to talk a lot about him, so let’s call him Reginald, because I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name.
For 38 years (38 years!), Reginald lay helpless, as the world went by day by day.
Even Job, with all his troubles, had friends who came by and tried to help, clueless as they were.
Not so with Reginald: No friends, no mercy, no help.
No hope.
He lay by the pool whose name in Hebrew and Aramaic means “house of mercy” or “house of grace”, and also “house of shame” or “house of disgrace.”
I imagine Reginald felt lots of shame and disgrace. People who feel less than whole often feel ashamed and disgraced.
I don’t think Reginald felt much mercy or grace.
At least, not until Jesus turned turned the world upside down for him.
If …