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Huey Lewis and the Good News

Here's the sermon I preached today at Northminster Presbyterian Church in Slidell/Pearl River. (The section titles are just for you reader people.)
 Huey Lewis and the Good News Mark 10:32-45 Judge Not James and John
Judge not James and John, that ye be not judged.
All the brothers wanted was to be successful, happy, and powerful.
It’s what they were supposedto want.
It’s what we’resupposed to want.
Recall that at the start of our text, Jesus tells the disciples that he is going to be mocked, spit upon, flogged, and killed.
Then James and John ask if they could have executive board positions in the Kingdom of God. In my opinion, it would have been totally appropriate if the next verse had read (clear throat)
“Jesus then dope-slapped the two men across the back of the head, saying unto them, ‘Didst thou not hear a single word I didst just sayeth?’”
But, in a sense, it’s really not their fault: the brothers had no clue, not a single solitary clue, what power is, or what glory is. They didn…